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TurfKing TK1100/TK1500/TK1502
TurfKing TK1100/TK1500/TK1502


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Conventional brush rows and/or drag mats are not suitable for thorough cleaning of floor coverings/deep cleaning and loosening of sand-filled and/or rubber-filled artificial turf. However, the new TurfKing TK1502 brush and vacuum system guarantees clean sports surfaces and optimum playing conditions.

The 3-point rear-mount type accessory for compact tractors goes with any type of tractors with a power of at least 20 to 25 HP and combines all important basic functions in one machine: TurfKing decompacts the surface, separates the infilling material from the dirt and returns it to the system thoroughly cleaned and in metered quantities. The vehicle is built to a compact design, simple to connect and, thanks to its 4 wheels, can also be manoeuvred easily by hand.

With the TurfKing, the required working depth can be precisely set via adjusting spindles – for all work operations, so that each individual function can be separately adjusted and carried out to suit the corresponding turf conditions. First of all, a row of steel springs gently loosens up the infilling material. The trailing, rotating brush-roller straightens up the turf fibres and, in the process, gathers up all types of dirt particles. By means of a shaker sieve, the infilling material is separated from the impurities. Different sieve types, which can be swapped in a flash, make it possible to match exactly the requirements of the relevant infilling material.

With the subsequent vacuum cleaning, suspended matter, abraded material and dirt particles of all kinds are removed. The polyester filter cartridges that are used are designed for long-lasting use and can be cleaned off electrically in a very simple way. A trailing brush row levels the infilling material and, in a gentle action, lightly works it back into the artificial turf.