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Since 1975 SMG has been dealing with the development of modern machinery for the installation of synthetic surfaces in the sports industry. Also for the maintenance of artificial turf or carpets with granule infilling SMG has already presented the world‘s first innovations since the 80s. For about 35 years SMG has been offering a unique range of machinery. As a pioneer in the special sector „synthetic sports surfaces and artificial turf“ SMG disposes of recognized competence and experience since decades. Ask us - we know what is possible.


SMG manufactures customised construction machines for the professional laying of jointless, permanent elastic sports surfaces. Our mixing, paving as well as structural spraying machines are especially designed for the implementation of Insitu applications in indoor and outdoor areas. Projects ranging from standardised children’s playgrounds up to an IAAF-certified athletic stadium are possible. All conventional granulates, liquid components and binders used in the installation of synthetic sports surfaces can be processed by SMG machines.

They install elastic layers made from rubber granulate and stones as well as basic surface material made of rubber or EPDM granulates, mixed with PU binder. EPDM granulates are processed to single-layer or multi-layer, with or without structure. Structural spray coatings or so-called sandwich systems can be realised.

The paving machines are manufactured with a standard working width from 1.2 up to 3.6 meters. SMG mixers being adjusted to the pavers are available with a mixing performance from 50 kg up to nearly 400 kg per minute. Thus, this professional mixing equipment is suitable for the precise mixing of multi-component liquid systems. SMG offers spraying machines and granulate blowers for structured surfaces. For the renovation machines for grinding and milling of worn out surfaces are available.


Since nearly 20 years SMG has been developing and producing tools, devices and machines for the installation and maintaining of artificial turf. The product range varies from installation carts over cutting tools up to effective infill machines for sand and rubber granulate.

For the suitable maintenance of artificial turf surfaces SMG offers over 10 different maintenance and cleaning machines. Manually operated devices for mini pitches, rideon machines variable sized and equipped, different attachments for tractors achieve every customer request. The maintenance and cleaning features of the SMG-machines meet the suggested maintenance guide lines of the grass suppliers, UEFA and FIFA. The most of the SMG-machines can also do the necessary basic and deep cleaning. Machines for non-filled artificial grass e.g. hockey pitches complete the product range.