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TurfMuncher TM5000
TurfMuncher TM5000


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When a pitch has reached the end of its' useful life and needs to be replaced, the TurfMuncher lifts the turf, separates the infill, and rolls up the turf in one process without damage to the base. This allows for the turf and infill to be recycled, re-purposed, or re-used.

The TurfMuncher's proprietary removal devices separate up to 98% of the infill from the turf. The 2,400 mm discharge height of the exit conveyor allows for the infill to be collected in large bags, carts, or equipment buckets for bulk storage or shipping. Due to the extremely high infill discharge rate of up to 900 kg/min., the collection method and moving logistics will affect the removal rate of the TM5000.

All working components of the TurfMuncher TM5000 are powered by the self-contained 29.8 kw, 70 liters/min. mobile hydraulic system. This provides suf cient power to remove even the heaviest of synthetic turf systems. Easily accessible speed controls enable the operator to adjust the speed of the machine to compensate for all types of turf systems and conditions. The 16 pneumatic tires support the machine with a maximum pressure of 2.4 bar on the base

After the infill is removed, the empty turf is accumulated in a tightly wound roll on the back of the machine. When the desired amount of turf is rolled up, maximum diameter 900 mm, the roll is cut and doffed and a new roll is started. The rolls of turf can easily be collected, loaded, and transported for recycling or re-purposing.

Requirements for the use of TurfMuncher TM5000

  • tractor with 25 to 30 HP with trailer ball or pin towing attachment
  • Drive mechanism should preferably be carried out by a continous hydrostatic drive machanism or precision gear.