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RenoMatic RM1400
RenoMatic RM1400



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The RenoMatic RM1400 is able to remove infill material, sand and/or rubber, to an exact predetermined depth and quantity from artificial turf pitches. The powerful attachment with a working width of 1400 mm is connected to a tractor (minimum 34 HP) via a 3-point hydraulic attachment. The auger is driven by the hydraulic feed of the tractor while the two rotating tine shafts as well as the brush are driven by the provided cardan shaft of the tractor via PTO.

The infill material will be loosened and removed gently by both rotating tine shafts. A subsequent rotary brush collects the removed infill material. The speed adjustable auger transports the removed infilling material into either a BigBag or hopper.

Due to the precisely adjustable working depth of the tine shafts and rotary brush excellent results will be achieved in terms of removed quantity of infill material. The closed speed adjustable auger system enables a precise transport of the material into a waiting vehicle or directly into a BigBag. This entire process is extremely gentle on the fibre/ turf system.

The chassis of the RenoMatic RM1400 can be easily removed for control, service and adjusting jobs.

Requirements for the use of RenoMatic RM1400

  • For the use a tractor with minimum 25 kW (34 HP) and a 3-point hydraulic power lift is needed.
  • Drive mechanism should preferably be carried out by a continuous hydrostatic drive mechanism or precision gear.
  • P.T.O. must perform 560 U/min.
  • Hydraulic connection needs a feeding power of approx. 30 - 40 liter per minute with approx. 100 bar.