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CarpetWonder CW95
CarpetWonder CW95


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CarpetWonder is a multi-functional machine for cleaning, picking up granulate from around the playing area, ball abrasion and other dirt particles, such as small stones, and for returning the exact quantity of granulate back to the carpet. This is all done by this special machine in one process. There is no better way of preserving the value and functional efficiency of your rubber granulate top dressed carpet.

With its effective brush roller and an enormous working width, despite its compactness, the CarpetWonder is very easy to move and turn and therefore, far superior to other cleaning machines. This is the only machine that is capable of picking up granulate and dirt together, separating them with a vibrating screen that can be set to operate at different speeds, and spreading the cleaned granulate back onto the carpet in variable and exactly dosed quantities.

Dust, ball abrasion and all other loose dirt particles lying around are picked up by the quietly operating suction turbine and compacted in a permanent filter. The tennis team on the neighbour court can concentrate on their match without being disturbed, while the CarpetWonder does its work of preserving the quality and safety of the surface of the court next to them with a minimum of noise.

The cleaning efficiently protects and puts the carpet fibres upright while the desired quantity of granulate is evenly spread over the whole playing area at the same time as ball abrasion and other dirt particles are almost noiselessly removed, without creating dust.

CarpetWonder! First-class tennis court surfaces for game, set and match!