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SandMatic B1005
SandMatic B1005


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The SandMatic B1005 is a compact automatic and self-driven infilling machine for the exact dosage of sand and rubber into modern artificial turf surfaces. Equipped with the innovated brush technology of the proven SandMatic B1503 and B1505, this machine meets the specific requirements needed for the modern artificial turf systems even if the pile is extremely high. The infilling material is spread out in proportion to the speed at which the machine is running. A slide valve enables the quantity of material strewn to be constantly variable from 2.5 - 40 kg/m². A free-hanging brush unit with separate, rubber-cushioned brushes straightens and evens out the carpet pile. The sand is spread at the same time, thus stabilizing the pile while the oscillating brush unit which follows carefully, and in one process, works the material into a level surface. The SandMatic B1005 can spread out and work the material into the surfaces either forward or backward. An overdrive allows quick maneuvering. Therefore the efficiency of the machine is considerable – with an infilling power between 1 and 10 m²/min.

The working width is 1.000 mm. The machine is driven by a 1-Cylinder petrol engine with a performance of 9 HP. A comfortable driver seat with adjustable seat position (left/ right) guarantees clear work and an ergonomic operation. Thereby the working direction and the positioning of the traveller can be adapted at an optimum to the structural condition on the job site. All the machine‘s functions can be controlled hydraulically, thus the B1005 is easy to maintain and use. The volume of the container is 0.8 t/ 1m³. Bulk material, material in bags or small BigBags are ideal for the infeed of the B1005. A paddle shaft which can be activated breaks up clumped rubber.

The weight of the machine is supported by 6 large tires. So the machine when filled conforms to the permitted ground pressure for the sub-base. Forklift slots make loading by a forklift a safe operation.