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PlanoMatic P220/P228/P928/P936
PlanoMatic P220/P228/P928/P936

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The largest fully automatic SMG paver for synthetic sports surfaces and elastic layers is the PlanoMatic P936. With an installation width of 3.500 mm the P936 achieves a theoretical performance of up to 950 m²/h with a working speed of c. 4.5 m/min.

The modular concept with proven components and a carefully thought-out and robust design are a guaranty of lasting functional use. The PlanoMatic P928, also a fully automatic paver, achieves a performance of up to 750 m²/h. Its installation width is 2.700 mm and it is ideal for athletic running tracks and school sports facilities.

The semi automatic version PlanoMatic P228 has the same installation width. This paver is a reasonable alternative with only less electric and hydraulic components. For smaller areas the semi automatic paver PlanoMatic P220 can be used with an installation width of 1.800 mm.

In contrast to the semi automatic versions P228 and P220, the fully automatic versions P936 and P928 are equipped with an automatic curve control for running tracks and a hydraulic controlled undercarriage. Additionally the fully automatic versions can optionally support the planar paving, especially on unbounded subbases, by means of an automatic levelling device (sensor/tactile unit). On the fully automatic machines the thickness can be conveniently changed by pushing a button on the control panel - on the semi automatic machines it can be changed by manual turning of the hand wheels on the screed.

Semi automatic as well as fully automatic SMG pavers are provided with control panels on both sides and are able to operate all functions easily and clearly. Supplementary the driving direction of the machine can be steered by integrated key switches on the front of the undercarriages.

The operator seat can be fixed on the left or right, as required, and is adjustable to provide the most ergonomic position for the operator. A separate seat support can be attached for paving along fences or barriers. In order to clean and maintain, the screed can be simply swung upwards. Only a few manual grips are required to remove the driving chains.

In order to ensure a homogeneous surface, the screed is quickly brought up to temperature with proven electrical heating bars. A control thermostat keeps the operating temperature of the screed constant during paving. The installation width can be individually selected via limiter plates; thicknesses are adjustable from 6 to 50 mm using hydraulic control.
For an optimal surface quality the compaction can be adapted accordingly by adjusting the inclination angle of the screed. Material limiters installed on the side of the screed assure exact paving edgings for surfaces without joints. If the sensor unit (P928/P936) is used as well, the manual smoothing of the joints can be almost passed. The running speed is infinitely variable between 0.8 - 4.5 m/min.

The chain drive unit of the latest generation is generally 140 mm wide and can be quipped with two different driving chain versions, depending on the type of subbase. This means that the PlanoMatic can safely drive on bounded as well as unbounded subbase constructions. The transport undercarriage of the P928 and P936 will be hydraulically lifted but can also be lifted manually via hand pump. The P228 and P220 can only be lifted by using the hand pump. As an additional option the paver can be featured with a suitable generator. The generator mounted on a swivelling console is safely protected and securely fixed to the PlanoMatic. An external power supply is therefore not required. The generator is protected by its own chassis structure.