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LineStar LS15
LineStar LS15

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The lining and marking of sports surfaces require special accuracy and therefore high precision during application. In the majority of cases, national and international standards must be complied with. The quality of the result will be inspected by the customer or must be approved by testing authorities.

The concept and function of the LineStar LS15 are optimised to meet these demanding requirements. When used with professional expertise, this lining machine is capable of achieving the highest standard.

First and foremost is the comfortable handling, which significantly reduces the work load of the operator. The generously- dimensioned, powerful drive motor coupled to the compressor generates the compressed air required to power all functions. The pressure container for the linemarking paint delivers the required quantity directly to the precision spray gun. All adjustments necessary for precise application of the paint can be made there. The line width can be adjusted with exact precision via flexibly-mounted limiter discs. Wiper blades keep the limiter discs clean and guide the surplus paint back into a well-dimensioned collection tank.

All functions for handling the machine are arranged at the machine steering handlebar and are very easy to control. The spraying air and the paint for the spray gun are controlled from here. Raising and lowering the limiter discs can also be conveniently set via compressed air, as well as the contact pressure, the forward momentum and the setting for straight or curved lines. The paint delivery pressure in the pressure container can be adjusted at the pressure chamber. All setting values are displayed through pressure gauges and are therefore reproducible. The simple structure of the spraying system makes cleaning easy. On athletics tracks, smooth running is ensured through solid-rubber tires with precision bearings. To provide exact guidance for lining on artificial turf, an optional star wheel can be supplied.

Using the LS15, line widths of 4 to 15 cm can be produced with line-marking paints, exactly as required. Generally, work is carried out using the nozzle size of 3.5 mm.

For safety during transport and storage, we recommend the SMG transport box.