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MixMatic 5300
MixMatic 5300


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Nowadays, high-quality liquid polymers for synthetic sports surfaces as synthetic surfaces or sandwich systems are mixed at the best by the MixMatic M5300. Especially certified (IAAF) high-performance sport facilities require constantly exact and homogenous material mixtures during the installation process.

The M5300 consists of each two suction pump as well as dosage pumps. These are driven by the three-phase current gear motors. During continuous operation frequency convertors enable mixing ratios of up to 10:1. The hoses are either connected directly to the material barrels or to the IBC-Container where the different liquid components will be aspirated and delivered to the pipe by means of the dosage pumps.

A special mixing tool mixes component A and B to a homogenous self-levelling polyurethane coating. Flow rate sensors control the suction process. The calibration of the machine can be carried out through the central control panel. Afterwards the mixer is switched on and off manually by means of the manual control. An optional material container also permits adding granulate or granulate powder. The M5300 has an output of up to 80 liters per minute. Truck-fork slots and hooks are available on all sides and thus guarantee a safe loading and transport.